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Horseback riding for pleasure has made a phenomenal growth in recent years. In large cities, suburban areas and rural communities vast numbers of people from almost every walk of life are learning to ride or are riding at present.

In New York State we are indeed fortunate in having numerous areas and marked trails for this growing recreational use. State owned lands under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Conservation provide a multitude of opportunities for the out door enthusiast who enjoys hunting or fishing, hiking, canoeing, camping or horseback riding. These lands consist of forest perserve holdings within the Adirondack and Catskill Parks as well as state reforestation areas and wildlife management areas across the state and are available for public use.

Many of these trail networks provide support facilities such as hitching rails, horse shelters, lean-tos for the rider and adequate parking for cars and trailer.

State lands fulfill a growing need for recreational trail riding and you are invited to use and enjoy them. Consistent with the multiple use management concept on publicly owned lands, you will encounter other recreational users, such as hunters, hikers, campers, and the like. Common courtesy is all that is required to ensure that such encounters are pleasant ones.

We invite you to browse through our, soon to be, largest New York Horseback Riding directory online! Maps of these Trails will soon follow courtesy of The Department of Environmental Conservation (D.E.C.)

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Horseback  Riding Hints and Etiquette
Horseback  Rules and Policies
Horseback  Rules and Policies

Adirondacks,  New York, Resource Guides

Winter Horseback Riding Ranches


The Equine Center Au Sable Chasm, NY (518)834-9933

The Bark Eater Inn and Stables Keene, NY 518-576-2221

Cold River Ranch Tupper Lake, NY - (518) 359-7559

Emerald Springs Ranch Saranac Lake, NY - (518) 891-3727

Adirondacks,  New York, Resource Guides
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