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Essex County offers a variety of cross country skiing and telemark skiing to suit everyones ability. Please scroll down the list to find your perfect trail.

The following trail information was very generously provided by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides


Hoffman Notch Trail

This north-south route through Hoffman Notch is 7 miles long. The stream crossings are not bridged. The northern end terminates on the road connecting North Hudson with Newcomb. The southern end is reached from a side road off Hoffman Road from the Village of Schroon Lake.

Northerly Approach:
Leave interstate I-87 at Exit 29, and drive west on Boreas Road towards Blue Ridge . In about 4 miles, pass the Elk lake Rd. on the right. Continue on additional one-half mile to a sign at the crossing of the Branch river.

Southerly Approach:
Leave the Village of Schroon Lake on Hoffman Rd., thence on Young's Rd. and Potash Hill Road as shown on the map.

Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides


This wilderness area contains a network of trails that connect 22 small and large ponds. You will find 14 lean-to's in this area. The spectacular sight of bare snow slopes on some of the mountains has been caused by past forest fires. There are many cliffs and ledges which add to the attractiveness of the area.
Interesting ski tours can be found on the trails leading to: Goose Pond, a secluded pond set deep in a hemlock forest; Crane Pond, continuing past the lower slopes of Crane Pond to the lower slopes of Pharaoh Mountain, past the Pharaoh Mountain trail toward Pharaoh Lake, and from the Village of Adirondack and via Pharaoh Lake Road north of Brant Lake. These and other trails are shown on the map.
Those entrance points that are grouped around the northern perimeter of the area are approached via Rt. 74, which begins at Northway, exit 28 just north of Schroon Lake. The eastern end of 74 starts at Ticonderoga.
The two entrances into the southern perimeter are approached by leaving I-87 at Exit 24 via Brant Lake, or leaving I-87 at Exit 25, Pottersville.

For Sucker Brook Horse Trail

Leave Pottersville north on Rt. 9, turn right at a sign for the Word of Life Camp. Follow a secondary road around the southern end of Schroon Lake for about 4 miles to the Village of Adirondack.
At the general store in Adirondack, proceed due east for .2 miles to a "Y" fork, turn left and continue to a "T" intersection. Take the left fork again. The road shortly dead-ends in a parking lot at the start of the Sucker Brook horse trail.

For Pharaoh Lake Road Horse Trail

Take the Adirondack Northway, I-87 to Exit 24, turn right on NY Rt. 8 leading to Brant Lake. Follow this around the shore of Brant Lake to its far end. Turn left on Palisades road which will continue around the end of the lake. The road will veer to the left again. 2/10's of a mile beyond this turn, or 1.2 miles from NY Rt.8, turn right on Pharaoh Lake Rd. and follow it to the parking lot. From the unloading area, the trail leads northerly to the crossing of Mill Brook and follows the south side of Pharaoh Lake Brook to the outlet of Pharaoh Lake and the intersection with the Sucker Brook horse trail to the left. The trail continues up the southern side of Pharaoh Lake for about a mile to 2 lean-tos and a horse shelter. From here the trail turns easterly and then southerly terminating at the Springhill Ponds.

Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides


This area contains about 20 miles of looped trails built to international cross-country ski trail standards, and designed for both recreational skiing and formal races. It was the site for the 1980 Olympic cross country and biathlon Nordic skiing events. It is one of the outstanding Nordic skiing facilities in the east.
Mt. Van Hoevenberg is located off of Rt. 73 between Lake Placid and Keene, about 7 miles southeast of Lake Placid and 7 miles southwest of Keene.
The trail system is laid out in interlocking loops so that a route of any desired distance can be selected. All loops start and end at a central stadium. Trail maps are posted throughout the area showing the direction to the stadium.

Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides


The Santanoni Preserve

Take Rt. 28N to Newcomb. Near the center of town, at the west end of Harris Lake, the trail into the Santanoni Preserve departs from a barrier on the north side of Lake Harris inlet. the distance to Camp Santanoni is 5 miles.

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Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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