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Essex County offers a variety of hiking opportunities to suit your level of ability
Please scroll down the list to find your trail.

Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

Arnold Pond Trail:
This trail is a short blue trail just a little more than .25 miles long. The climb is steep, but hardly noticeable over such a short distance. The trail leaves NY Rt. 74 at a point 1.5 miles west of the Eagle Lake Causeway. The pond is stocked with trout.Located: west of Paradox Lake.

Otter Pond Trail:
This trail is a blue marked trail slightly more than .5 miles long which starts in the small bay on the east shore of Eagle Lake. Otter Pond is reported to have excellent trout fishing.Located: east of Eagle Lake, south of Rt. 74.
Bear Pond Trail:
This blue marked trail makes a loop with the Rock Pond-Clear Pond Trail from Heart Pond to Bear Pond and bakc to Rock Pond. It is 1.0 miles from Heart Pond to Bear Pondand 1.5 miles from Rock Pond to Bear Pond.Located: South of Eagle Lake.

Peaked Hill:
This is the trail for the hiker who likes variety. It starts out with a short canoe ride, and a short hike to a secluded pond, then the ascent which affords you beautiful views in all directions .Located: Just north of Rt. 74

Belfry Mountain:
This easy 0.6 mile hike along an old truck road, leads to beautiful views of Lake Champlain, and the surrounding mountains. Enjoyable for both the novice and seasoned hiker.Located: South of Westport.
Pharaoh Lake Trail:
The trailhead to the lake, which is an old raod, is marked and maintained as a horse trail. This trail offers many fine views of the lake and Pharaoh Mountain. The west shore trail marked in yellow and red, passes three lean-tos within the first mile. The summit of Pharaoh Mountain is reached 3.2 miles from the outlet dam.Located: west of Schroon Lake.

Berrymill Pond Trail:
This trail is 4.9 miles long and is marked with blue markers. It starts at Putnam Pond Public Campground and terminates at New Hague, approximately 7 miles northwest of Hague. The trail passess Berrymill Pond which is reported to be very good northern pike fishing. There is one lean-to at Berrymill Pond.Located: south of Putnam Pond Public Campground.

Pharaoh Mountain:
This is a moderatly difficult climb, to the top of the central point of the Pharaoh Lake wilderness. Approximately 4 miles long, the hiker using this trail is rewarded with an extensive panorama of the lake dotted countryside surrounding Pharaoh and the high peak country to the north.Located: east of Scroon Lake.
Coon Mountain:
A very unique hike, this trail takes you through the craggy interior, to the rocky summit for fantastic views of the surrounding area . The very mysterious interior of this mountain hike, has made it famous. A nature trail guide is available at the trailhead.Located: east of Scroon Lake.
Rock Pond -Clear Pond Trail:
This trail travels past Heart, North Rock, Little Rock and Clear Ponds. There are lean-tos at Rock, Little Rock and Clear Ponds. The hiker may complete a circuit of Putnam Pond by taking the blue trail south from Clear Pond, passing Mud Pond, crossing the Treadway Mountain Trail and then reaching the yellow trail from Grizzle Ocean to Putnam Pond Public Campground.Located: northeast of Schroon Lake.
Goose Pond Trail:
This trail departs from the trail to Crane Pond at a point .8 miles from Crane Pond Rd. trailhead. This is an interesting walk thru an old growth forest. The yellow marked trail leads .6 miles to the pond.Located: northeast of Scroon Lake.

Severance Hill Trail:
This trail is a yellow marked trail just over 1.0 miles in length. It leaves Rt. 9 at a point 1.5 miles north of Schroon Lake Village. The summit of Severence Hill is 1693 feet above sea level and a short exploration of the summit will reveal many fine views.Located: north of Scroon Lake Village.
Gull Pond Trail:
This trail is approximately .5 miles long and is marked with yellow markers. It starts on the East Shore Rd. about 1.6 miles south of the intersection with the Alder Meadow Rd.Located: just east of Schroon Lake.
Spectacle Pond Trail:
This trail is 1.6 miles long and marked with yellow markers. The trail follows Spectacle Brook for a short distance and then turns south to the pond.Located: east of Scroon Lake.
Lost Pond Trail:
The Lost Pond Trail is 4.9 miles long and is marked with blue markers. The trail starts just east of the Putnam Pond Publlic Campground at the western edge of an old clearing. The pond is stocked with trout by the Department.Located: south of the Putnam Pond Public Campground.
The Short Swing Trail:
In addition to Alder Pond, Crane Pond and Glidden Marsh, this trail takes the hiker to Oxshoe, Crab, Horseshoe, Lilypad and Honey Ponds. There are three lean-tos along this trail; one each at Oxshoe and Lilypad Ponds, and one on the north edge of Tub Mill Marsh. Most of the ponds along this trail not mentioned in the Long Swing provide fine trout fishing.Located: east of Scroon Lake.
Moose Mountain Pond:
This is an easy walk to a beautifully remote pond. A side trail takes you to Bass, and fantastic fishing. Make it a combination hiking and fishing excursion. Located: Near the town of North Hudson.
Treadway Mountain:
This trail provides you with a variety of options, depending on your ability level, and stamina. A canoe trip to a shorter uphill, is one, but whichever trail you choose, the views from the summit are spectacular.Located: West of Ticonderoga.
Northville-Lake Placid Trail:
Traversing approximately 133 miles, the Northville-Lake Placid Trail crosses both Hamilton, and Essex counties. You will need an average of 19 days to hike the entire trail, but any and all parts are remarkable in their own right. Ponds, streams, lakes, mountains, and picturesque villages will be your companions as you journey this almost 30 year old trail thru the center of the Adirondack Park.Located: Trail begins in Northville, and ends in the Village of Lake Placid. For more information on this exciting trail, click here.

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