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Trail Markers and Signs

Trail markers and signs are designed to communicate information about the trail to the rider. In order to establish a degree of uniformity throughout North America, the International Association of Snowmobile Administrators (IASA) has established some basic sign standards for all snow belt states and provinces. Here are the common signs seen on New York snowmobile trails.

Snowmobile Permissive

Indicates trails and use areas where snowmobiles are permitted to operate. Colors are green and black on white.


Snowmobile Restricted

Indicates trails and areas where snowmobiles are NOT permitted to operate. Colors are red and black on white.


Indicates a significant hazard trail or road intersection. Snowmobiles MUST come to a complete stop and yield to cross-traffic before proceeding. Color is red and white.

Stop Ahead

Indicates that there is a stop sign 200 feet or more ahead. Probably the most important sign on a trail because it warns of a potentially hazardous situation ahead. Color is usually red and yellow.


Indicates that snowmobiles should yield the right of way to other traffic at trail intersections, driveway crossings, or other similar situations. This sign does NOT require the snowmobile to come to a complete stop. Color is usually red and white, but may be black and yellow.


Indicates a hazard of some sort in the trail 50 to 100 yards ahead. A sign on each side of the trail indicates an extreme hazard. Color is usually black and yellow.

Bridge Ahead

Indicates a bridge in the trail 50 to 100 yards ahead. Color is usually black and yellow.

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Directional Arrow

Indicates a sudden or significant change of direction in the trail ahead. Used to mark dangerous turns. Color is usually black and yellow, but may also be orange and white.

Trail Blaze or Blazer

Indicates the path of the trail. Reassures riders unfamiliar with the trail, and guides groomers after storms when they are re-opening the trail. Color is usually solid orange, or orange and white.

Speed Limit

Indicates the maximum lawful or recommended speed in miles per hour for the trail section. Color is usually black and white.

Corridor Trail number

Indicate that the rider is on an NYS Corridor Trail. They are high volume primary routes that provide access to significant use areas and concentrations of snowmobilers, and are supported with Trail Fund money. Color is brown and yellow, but some may be blue and white.

Secondary Trail number

Indicates that the rider is on an NYS Secondary Trail. They are medium volume routes that connect local attractions and concentrations of snowmobilers to Corridor Trails, and are supported with Trail Fund money. Color is brown and yellow.


Indicates the availability of gas, food, lodging, telephone, and repair services. Color is usually white on blue or dark brown.

Other trail signs with messages like "No Entry - Trail Closed", "Skiers On Trail", "Winter Wheat", "New Seeding", or "Snowmobile Trail - No Wheeled Vehicles" are designed to provide additional information for safe and responsible riding. Please heed the messages on these signs.

Finally, be aware that sign theft is a growing problem, so don't assume that every hazard is properly identified with a sign.

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