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Theft Prevention

Snowmobile theft is a growing problem, and many stolen sleds are never recovered. The harder it is for a thief, the more likely he will pass on your sled and try an easier target. But, keep your registration on your person and have your machine insured for theft just in case the worst does happen.

Here are a few steps you can take to safeguard your snowmobile:

Park your sled where it will be hard to steal. Never leave it on top of a snow bank or any place else where it can be easily loaded into a truck. If possible, park it where you can see it.

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Never leave an ignition key in an unattended snowmobile, even for a few moments, even in your own yard.

Lock up your sled if is going to be left unattended. The best lock systems use cables or heavy chains to secure snowmobiles to each other or to objects like large trees or steel posts.

Keep a separate record of your registration number, VIN, and other ownership papers to help in recovery if your sled is stolen.

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