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Farmhouse Snowmobiling - Snowmobile Rentals
129 Hobart Road
Paul Smiths, NY 12970

Join us for a guided tour through open farm fields with the best views around in the Adirondacks. Snowmobile rentals in the Lake Placid & Saranac Lake area. Bring your sense of adventure, and your camera, on a guided tour through open farm fields, forest trails, and the state snowmobile trail system.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions can make a ride merely uncomfortable and not much fun, or they can become life-threatening. Negative effects of adverse weather can include vision restriction, impeding progress on the trail, robbing riders of common sense, and severe medical problems like hypothermia or frostbite.

The best way to deal with adverse weather conditions if to avoid them as much as possible. But be prepared for adverse conditions if you are forced to deal with them. Understand the weather patterns in the are you ride, check the weather forecasts before leaving on a ride, and have the good sense to head back if conditions turn bad unexpectedly. All these risks are also minimized if you ride in a group.

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Extreme Cold

When combined with high winds, zero degree (farenheit) temperatures can drain energy fast and put snowmobilers at extreme risk of frostbite or hypothermia. If the weather is unusually cold, particularly if it is significantly below zero, wait until it warms up, or keep your ride short and close to home base. In either case, ride at a reduced speed to minimize the effects of wind chill.

Dress in layers to increase the insulation value of your outfit. Suggested extra apparel for unusually cold temperatures include a face mask to protect the nose and cheeks, glove and sock liners, an extra turtleneck or sweatshirt, and long underwear.

If you frequently ride in very cold weather, you may want to equip your snowmobile with a higher and wider windshield, hand bar gauntlets, a fur seat cover, and other accessories designed for extreme temperatures. Also make sure that your carburetors are jetted for very cold weather.

Heavy or Blowing Snow

Perhaps the most frightening condition that a snowmobiler can face is too much snow. This could be either extremely heavy falling snow or falling and blowing snow that causes whiteouts. Lake effect snowfall can exceed a foot per hour in areas around the Great Lakes. Riding in snow falling this intensely severely restricts vision and covers up the trail, leading to a very dangerous situation. You could have difficulty breaking trail through the deep snow, or you could miss a turn or lose the trail entirely if you cant's see a trail marker or a critical sign. You could also collide with a fixed object or even another snowmobile in your group.

Check the weather forecast in advance of your trip. If you are caught in a storm unexpectedly, head for the nearest shelter. Keep moving if possible, but do it slowly and carefully, making sure you don't lose anyone. Don't make any stops that are not absolutely necessary until you reach shelter. In an extreme case, you could be forced to stop and camp out until the storm blows over. Find cover in the trees and use your basic survival gear, as necessary.

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Rain or Freezing Rain

Visibility is reduced in the rain. The rain will eventually soak through your suit, which will make you very uncomfortable, and can lead to hypothermia. Riding in freezing rain is even worse because it coats everything with a sheet of ice. The biggest problem with ice buildup is loss of vision through your shield or goggles.

Again, checking the weather forecast should help you avoid rain. But if you are caught out in it, head for the nearest shelter where you can dry out thoroughly.


Riding in fog is about the most frustrating experience a snowmobiler can have. There is simply no choice but to proceed very slowly with extreme caution. Use the low beam of the headlight. If you have to stop, leave the snowmobiles running so the lights are on.

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