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First Snow

“First Snow”

Chosen by Professional Photographers of America and Eastman-Kodak for a special display at Epcot Center. Photo taken at South Creek in Mid-October.

Signed and titled by artist, approx. 14 x 17 on 17 x 22 photomat paper $150 Insured and delivered


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Giclee is a French word for spurt or "spray of ink". These prints are made on a digital Fine Art Ink Jet Printer. Only GENERATIONS Micro-Bright Pigmented Inks are used, which allows for a 100% waterproof print and the ink will last or more than 100 years under normal indoor environments, without fading of degradation. Only acid free digital fine art pape offering archival properties with sharp, crisp, detail is used for the beautiful reproductions of the photographs.

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