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Adirondack Baskets
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Adirondack Baskets, Birch Bark Baskets, Umbrella BasketsThe Adirondack basket, or "Split" basket as it is sometimes called, has been around for many decades. In the 19th and 20th centuries the Iroquoian-Mohawk and the Algonquin Native Americans perfected the making of these Black ash baskets to use in their everyday life. These baskets were made not only for themselves, but also for the "city sportsmen", the loggers and hunters. The basket's hard shape made it a favorite among trappers being easy to load and unload traps and pelts. We are pleased to continue the tradition by offering this line of beautiful and practical baskets.

Birch Baskets, Birch Bark Baskets, Umbrella BasketsOur baskets are made in the traditional method, unlike the majority of baskets made today, which use imported reed. They are made of Black Ash, soaked in water and hand pounded to loosen a layer of annual growth. Ten foot wooden strips are formed and woven to create the baskets. At the top opening is a bent wooden ash handle. A 100% cotton shoulder harness is provided to carry the basket on your back. An Adirondack resident has been making these quality baskets for over twenty-five years. Each basket is lovingly made, signed and dated by the maker.

This basket measures 12" H and is ideal to use with our "Child Stroller Sled". The Basket comes with a detachable wooden hook for mounting on the back of the sled. 100% cotton harness comes in green or red. This basket can be worn on your back when not on the sled. Item #: 0011-1.

This roomy basket measures 16" H, it is made from the same quality Black ash and includes a 100% cotton green harness. Item #: 0011-2.

This attractive basket is made of one quarter inch strips. The lid is made of oiled hardwood, hinged with leather, includes an antler latch and green shoulder strap of 100% cotton. Item #: 0011-3.

These containers come in three sizes: 12", 16" and 22". Made entirely of birch bark and birch or cherry twigs.

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Secretary Desk, Adirondack Desk, Adirondack Birch Bark Desk

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